Why Join?

The L.E.A.D. Equate Teaching School Alliance is a dynamic partnership of schools committed to harnessing, nurturing and sharing the specific skills and attributes required to teach and lead in areas with diverse pupil populations. The schools share unique opportunities to make a profound difference to the lives of children regardless of background or barriers, where every child is encouraged to fulfil their potential, discover new talents and develop a love for learning. Drawing on schools’ collective experience and best practice, children across the Alliance are empowered to achieve and motivated to progress.

The Teaching School Alliance aims to be a centre of excellence and develop specialist expertise across the education sector. Resilience, resourcefulness and responsiveness to change are fundamental to its success in the ever-shifting educational landscape.

Schools interested in joining can join our existing hubs in Nottingham, Sheffield, Derby and Leicester. Schools from other geographical locations are welcome to join and form a new hub, supported by the Teaching School Alliance.

There is no subscription or membership fee to engage with us, and schools are free to sign up to whichever elements of our work are most suitable for them, with no on-going commitment required.  This leaves schools free to access support from other Alliances or networks across Lincolnshire and the East Midlands, according to their needs and preferences – something we believe is crucial if schools are to get the best outcomes possible for their children.


If you are interested in the L.E.A.D. Equate Teaching School Alliance, email us at admin@equatetsa.co.uk and we can arrange a telephone call and a meeting to discuss the benefits of becoming a member.