Active English and Active Number

Active English

Active English is a whole-school support package for the teaching of grammar, writing and punctuation. It is largely aimed at years 1 to 4, but the elements can be used flexibly across all year groups to meet the needs of pupils. What is important, is that there is a whole-school approach, with all teachers and teaching assistants being supported to implement the programme consistently across the school. It uses the principles of mnemonics to embed learning in an active and engaging way, providing pupils with a deeper grasp of language that serves as a foundation for their future.

Active Number

Active Number is a whole-school approach to the teaching and understanding of number and operations to primary aged pupils. It uses the principles of mnemonics, intended to assist the memory, to develop “mastery”, providing a  deepened understanding of number and calculation using the four operations. It is proven that learning gained by doing through interacting with others, supports retention. Using images, actions and verbal reasoning the child’s learning develops using a spiral approach. The Active Number has proven impact within both the lead school and beyond and is also supported by the current EEF guidance reports for supporting mathematics in key stages two and three.

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