Active Number

Active Number is an approach to teaching an understanding of number and operations to primary aged pupils. It uses the principles of mnemonics, intended to assist the memory, to develop “mastery”, providing a deepened understanding of number and calculation using the four operations. It is proven that learning gained by doing, by interacting with others, supports retention. Using images, actions and verbal reasoning the child’s learning develops using a spiral approach. The programme has been developed by Witham St Hughs, Sir Francis Hill and Manor Farm Primary Academies, where staff saw the benefits of making the teaching of maths fun, interactive and inclusive. The model has been tested and refined to ensure alignment with the National Curriculum, providing impact in outcomes of Key Stage 1 and 2 assessments, and achievement of end of year expectations. Active Number is aimed at Years 1 to 4, but can be used in older year groups to support the needs of the pupils. As a whole school approach, the programme provides a system that builds year on year to achieve a consistent structure, ensuring all children leave primary school confident and fluent when recalling and applying their knowledge of number.

Active Number Training and Resources

Training is offered as a whole-school package – either as an INSET day twilight sessions. Training can also be accessed for individuals who for example join a school that is already working with the programme. It is essential that all staff are properly trained in the delivery of the programme, that only accredited Active Number trainers provide the training, and that only L.E.A.D. Equate Active Number resources are used. L.E.A.D. Equate Teaching School Alliance cannot take responsibility for the outcomes of the programme where this is not followed. Active Number has developed a range of resources to support the teaching practise, including resources for the interactive white board, flash cards and individual wipe boards.