Basic NQT Package

Our basic package for NQT induction provides all the necessary administrative duties for the NQT, including registration with the NCTL.

Our basic package includes:

  • registration of the NQT with the NCTL.
  • a named contact for advice and support in undertaking induction duties and activities.
  • a full day induction event for the NQT and half a day training for the Induction Tutor.
  • e-handbook for the NQT and Induction Tutor
  • monitoring of progress of the NQT
  • provision of all paperwork for monitoring, supporting and recording of outcomes.
  • access to additional CPD, networking opportunities and bespoke support for the NQT as and if needed*
  • a process of quality assurance of termly assessment and monitoring reports.
  • reporting to NCTL on progress and final outcome of the NQT induction year.
  • advice and further documentation when an NQT is at risk of failing or has become a cause for concern.
  • email support for Head Teachers and Induction Tutors.
  • an A4 organiser with pen drive to keep documents safely in one place.

*CPD will be offered based on the agreed needs of each NQT. This may be directly through or from Equate Teaching School Alliance or through signposting to one of our partners to ensure a “best fit” support and development. Additional costs may apply. There is no obligation to access CPD through Equate TSA as part of this provision.,

The cost per NQT for the basic package is £322.50 inclusive of optional membership to the Charter College of Teaching.

Please contact for further details.