Name:  Jenna Lawrance
Degree studied/year gained and classification: Undergraduate- BA Hons First Class in SENI combined with Education Studies. Post Grad: Primary education with PGCE with QTS.


What was your previous career (if you had one). Throughout university I had a number of jobs in the holidays that revolved around children. One of the main ones was an activity courier abroad, running activities for children of all ages and their families.
Whilst at university and throughout my SCITT year I worked as a waitress.
Why did you decide to train to teach? / What inspired you?
I really enjoyed primary school and have always worked with children, I wanted progress my career further. I enjoyed my degree and wanted to take this passion into a career.
Why did you choose your chosen teacher-training route and what were the benefits of this route in comparison to other teaching routes?

I learn by seeing things and being hands on. A SCITT route was perfect for me as I felt immersed into school life and sore things for myself first hand. I felt this prepared me more for my NQT and I built up a strong relationship my ITT mentor which meant I could take the class a lot. This gave me the opportunity to try new ideas and prepare for the NQT year.

Please describe some background information about the school you have completed your NQT year in:

I have completed my NQT year in large village school in a year 3. This is the same school that I was at in my SCITT year. However I was in KS1 during my training year.

Please describe your experience / journey of your ITT year:

My experience of my ITT was a positive one, however that does not mean it was easy. The year was full of learning points and new experiences. Throughout the year there many emotions but it was an achievement and I do not regret it.

Please describe your experience / journey of your NQT year:

My NQT year was extremely different to what I expected. September- January was brilliant yet full on. I came across many new experiences that I didn’t expect but found it was best to deal with them with how I thought fitted best and never be afraid to ask for advice or help. During this term I also started running after school clubs and put on my own class assembly.

After February things started to change as Covid struck. I started working from home and went into school for key worker children on a timetable. I kept in contact with my class through emails, TEAMS and phone calls. I also set differentiated home learning as well as delivering work to those who couldn’t print.
In June when some children returned to school I was in charge of Y2/3 bubble then a Y3/4/5 bubble then a straight Y3 bubble. This was good for my CPD as it meant I got to learn other national curriculum statements.

Please describe the support that you have received from L.E.A.D. Equate Teaching School Alliance as the Appropriate Body

Equate put on training for NQT’s that we could book onto as we felt required. The quality of these have been exceptional and really helped.

Please describe any impact / thoughts / opinions with regards to the NQT CPD workshops based around the Teachers’ Standard during your NQT year (if you accessed these)
What tips and tricks/advice would you share with future NQTs?

Reports- I kept a mini on going log of everything my children were doing. Whether it was an outstanding piece of work or a visitor coming in. This made it easier when coming to write the reports as I didn’t have to rack my brain thinking what they had done at the start of the year and they were personal to the child.

What are your next steps / aspirations for your newly chosen teaching career path?

I have just taken over art subject leader so I starting to further my subject specific knowledge and I am looking to combine this with music. I am currently in the process of making progression maps for art.

What advice would you give to someone who is thinking of getting into teaching?

Don’t be afraid of trying something new, plan out your ideas and share them with somebody. Chances are they can help you build up the idea into an even stronger one.

 Any further information