In the words of our English Hub logo – ‘learning is essential to growth’


This last year Witham St Hughs English Hub has certainly learnt and grown.  The English Hubs is still fairly new and just going in to its third year.  The first year was laying the tracks and the 2nd year was testing them.  The third year will be developing the positive work done so far.


As the English Hub Lead, I am passionate about children learning to read and believe it is fundamental to all learning.  Our work with schools has this at the heart of everything we do.  The 5 Literacy Specialist and I have spent this last year honing our skills and learning how we can best support our schools. 


We started by inviting schools to a Showcase where they could learn more about the English Hub, the funding and support offered.  The Showcases proved to be a huge success with 100% positive feedback.  Visiting schools enjoyed the opportunity to see phonics in action at Witham St Hughs.   This was followed by in-school audits. 


Reading audits were carried out by myself or one of the Literacy Specialist and proved a very rewarding day. Not only did this provide valuable information for possible funding and support but more importantly provided professional discussions with the leadership team and enabled up to date information for the schools and clear actions moving forwards. 


The next academic year for Witham St Hughs English Hub promises to further its success and collaborate with more schools.  We have built strong and positive relationships with schools and transparent discussions have been at the very heart of this.