What are Subject/ Professional Learning Communities?

“Only through the effective engagement of others
can leaders at any level make change happen”
Andy Buck


Subject / Professional Education Communities are offered by L.E.A.D. Equate Teaching School Alliance on a termly basis for all colleagues (Teachers, Teaching Assistants, Administrative, Support and Technical Staff) within the Teaching School and Trust. The forums cover both Core and Foundation subjects as well as support for other leadership roles. The forum is an opportunity to shape collective professional knowledge and engage and interact with colleagues that work and specialise in a role or subject area similar to your own. The Forums will include aspects such as the following although it will be tailored to the needs of the group:

• Subject knowledge enhancement (as directed by the group)
• Curriculum planning , sequencing and coverage
• Inspiration, support and guidance as a leader
• New aspects or resources which have a known impact
• Strategies for supporting staff and colleagues
• The use of the expected vocabulary and progression of vocabulary within each phase
• The practical approaches/ implementation with regards to the teaching of skills/knowledge and concepts
• Approaches to assessment
• Opportunities for sharing best practice

The Format of Leadership and Core Subject Forums

The Leadership and Core Subject forums are held largely in a face to face manner with SEND, LAC and Teaching Assistant forums held online. Within all sessions , the expertise and resources can be shared in an interactive way, with like minded leaders. The highly experienced leaders of these forums have been carefully selected by L.E.A.D. Equate to ensure that they can support the group to obtain the maximum impact in their leadership role.

The Format of Foundation Subject Forums

Foundation subject forums will take place online so as to ensure that colleagues are reducing the amount of time spent away from school and the cost of travel expenses. Opening the forums out across the East Midlands, allows people to connect with colleagues and share good practise across a wider network than face to face would allow. The agenda will be set beforehand, determined by the needs of the group, with opportunities for you to ask questions on any topics covered, both in advance and at the Forum. Where colleagues miss being able to attend a forum, a link will be forwarded after the event to enable access to a recording of the meeting for you to listen to when convenient. Face to face meetings can be arranged where appropriate, this will be determined by the respective group where appropriate.

Leadership/Core Subjects  Professional Forum : Face to Face    Scroll down to book

SEND/LAC/TA Professional Forum: Conducted Online             Scroll down to book

Foundation Subject Forums : Conducted Online                             Scroll down to book

Religious Education Forums : Conducted Online                              Scroll down to book

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