Overview/ Background/Remit

Following a rigorous application process, L.E.A.D. Equate Teaching School Alliance is delighted to be working with the DfE to deliver a package of training and support for the statutory implementation of R.S.H.E. Working in close partnership with the Flying High Trust, we aim to support Schools across the South Yorkshire, East Midlands and Humber region in developing high quality R.S.H.E. provision. This DfE approved package of support ensures schools are compliant with the requirements of the statutory framework. This is for both Primary and Secondary Schools within the region. The five key areas it will support are:

• Development of compliant R.S.H.E. policy and curriculum
• Successful engagement with parents
• Quality teaching of R.S.H.E.
• Confident and skilled R.S.H.E. delivery
• Effective monitoring and assessment of R.S.H.E

Meet the Specialists:

The coordination and delivery of RSHE is led by Catherine Kirk. Catherine is a national R.S.H.E. Consultant with over 20 years’ experience in supporting schools to develop effective R.S.H.E. policy, curriculum and practice.

Catherine leads and has trained a team of  specialists, who are skilled and experienced in leading R.S.H.E. in line with the new guidance. They are:

  • Antonia Webb – Primary
  • Helen Boole – Primary
  • Sarah Allen – Primary
  • Sarah Hanquinioux – Secondary
  • Nick Lever- Secondary
  • Jessica Catnach- Secondary
  • Aaron Bloodworth-Flatt – Special/ Secondary

Why Attend?

  • Your school will receive funding from the Teaching School to attend training either online or Face to Face.
  • You will be given all of the resources, guidance and support in relation to the statutory implementation of RSHE
  • Access to online training modules supplied by the DfE to use in your own school.
  • Support in engaging with parents around RSHE
  • A comprehensive audit tool to identify areas for development, action plan and track progress
  • Ongoing support from an RSHE specialist teacher to work towards addressing the outcome of the audit

Impact so far….

The RSHE delivery so far has been fortunate enough to train 500 Primary and Secondary Schools. In this,we have been able to train the RSHE team to deliver a high quality input to all schools and offer follow up support. As a result of this model we have had positive feedback such as:

“I can’t tell you how incredibly amazing the sessions I have attended have been, and how grateful I am for the amazing work from the presenters and all those behind the scenes that have made this possible. These sessions you have provided have helped me beyond any other training I have ever had, and I am beyond thankful to you. Thank you so much! In particular can I thank Donna for all her hard work in arranging everything and sorting us all out, and Nick Lever for an incredible training afternoon and his unbelievably wonderful ongoing support.” Religious Studies Teacher, PSHCE and Citizenship Co-ordinator, High School and Sixth Form College
‘The information was clear and set out the sequence needing to be completed in order to meet statutory expectations for delivering RSE in school.’
‘I was expecting some guidance on RSHE, but to receive everything that I did was amazing especially considering I’m starting it all from scratch in a brand new school!’
The content regarding the specification of the statutory duties relating to RSE was thorough and any misconceptions or queries for fully addressed.’

Feedback from recent CPD events

Future Training Events will be listed here. Please contact admin@equatetsa.co.uk if you any specific requirements for RSHE.

Please click the image to download a PDF version where you can click to book

Here are some useful webinars/videos/staff meetings

RSHE Conference ‘The Journey to RSHE Excellence’ Films

RSHE Mental Wellbeing Briefing Session – Primary

RSHE Mental Wellbeing Briefing Session – Secondary

RSHE Changing Adolescent Body Briefing Session

RSHE First Aid Briefing Session – Secondary Schools

Primary Staff meeting

Secondary Staff Meeting

RSHE Secondary Briefing Session- Intimate and Sexual Relationships including Sexual Health

High Quality Case Studies Produced by RSHE  Leaders within Schools

The DfE have shared a number of Case Studies from RSHE specialists across the UK. We are equally  delighted to share case studies within our region too.

Primary Case Studies

Witham St Hughs Academy

South Farnham Primary School

South West Region Primary School Case Study A

South West Region Primary School Case Study B

Secondary Case Studies

Ellis Guilford Academy