Leadership and Management

‘ If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do  more and become more, you are a leader’   By John Quincy Adams

We believe that leadership is at the heart of effective school improvement. L.E.A.D Equate will endeavour to support leadership in every sector of the school workforce to help set direction, build an inspiring vision, and shape the future. Leadership is about a culture which inspires and motivates others to bring about the best outcomes for children.

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Leadership of SEND
Subject Leadership and the New Framework
Developing Inspection Skills
Leading a Mentally Healthy School
Leading a Mentally Healthy School Network meeting
Mental Health First Aid Training
Stress Management
Sir Michael Wilshaw- Leadership Under the New Framework

Professional Forums

As a result of the demands on the subject leader brought about by the new Ofsted Framework, we aim to support these teachers by giving them the knowledge and skills to be able to navigate their role to ensure they have an impact in school as well as be able to discuss their work with an Ofsted Inspector when needed.

We have specific aims for each session which will change each time the group meet and which will be shared with you, the Head Teacher. The teachers involved will be given a gap task to complete during before the next session and will be asked to report back on the impact they have had in school before then working on next steps.

Please click below to see the flyers for Professional Forums in 2019/20

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EYFS Professional Forum
Computing Professional Forum
English Professional Forum
Maths Professional Forum
SEND Professional Forum
Evidence Brief Workshops
Taste Ed