NQT Statutory Formal Induction

L.E.A.D. Equate is a designated Appropriate Body for the formal induction of NQTs. As a registered body, we will undertake all statutory duties, including the NQT’s registration with the TRA. We can offer this for Primary, Secondary and Special Schools and Academies. As an Appropriate Body, we have the main quality
assurance role within the induction process, ensuring schools provide adequate support for their NQTs and that assessment is fair and consistent across institutions. The relevant statutory guidance can be found at www.gov.uk/government/publications/induction-for-newly-qualified-teachers-nqts.  An NQT cannot start
statutory induction until their Appropriate Body has been agreed and the relevant registration paperwork submitted. Schools may work with the Appropriate Body of their choice. Induction cannot be backdated.

NQT Provision Summary

  • Registration of the NQT with the TRA through the L.E.A.D.Equate TSA Registration form and updates to the TRA, as required by them
  • Advice and support in undertaking induction duties and activities
  • Induction training for the NQT
  • Induction training for both experienced and in-experienced Induction Tutor/s
  • Provision of all paperwork for monitoring, supporting and recording of outcomes
  • Electronic forms for both the NQT and Induction Tutors
  • Monitoring of progress of the NQT through a process of Quality Assurance of termly assessment and monitoring reports
  • Email and telephone support for NQTs, Headteachers and Induction Tutors and assistance in planning additional targeted support and intervention, including on-site visits, where an NQT’s progress is causing concern
  • Email prompts for key actions and deadlines
  • Opportunities to build networks
  • Quality Assurance of 10% of NQTs
  • Reporting to TRA on progress and final outcome of the NQT induction year
  • Access to a wide range of CPD sessions in line with the impending Early Careers Framework (ECF)

Pricing and Structure

The basic package is in line with LTT (Lincolnshire Teaching Schools Together) offer at £300 +VAT. Please get in touch with stacey@equatetsa.co.uk to discuss pricing for shorter periods of induction/ individual assessment review points. The statutory induction price includes the cost of the formal
induction training for both the NQT and the Induction Tutor. L.E.A.D. Equate continues to work with The Chartered College of Teaching (CCT) on their Appropriate Body roll out and can facilitate the process of your NQT becoming a member of The College through a group membership for a cost of £22.50 per NQT for the year. For more information about what membership can offer, go to chartered.college/join/#nqt-membership


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