Our Research

We are keen to examine new practice and share what we learn for the benefit of other schools. This may involve spreading the word about national papers, or disseminating what we have found ourselves through our work as a Teaching School.

We have been working with a group of Teaching Schools from across the country to develop a toolkit and framework for research to help schools and new teaching schools to engage with research.  Research Rich Schools provides information to schools at all stages of their journey offering practical advice and support on developing research roles and engagement.  Please take a look around our collaborative website for more information on the background to the project, its members and to see the framework.

We are currently running trials for our newly developed Active English programme.  We want to better understand the contexts in which it is most effective, how it might be developed to be even more effective, and to create data sets to help show other schools the impact it can have.  We believe that having such trials and developing fair data is crucial if schools are to invest confidently in support packages and interventions for their children.

If you would like to run a trial in your own school, or engage with us on trial activity, please contact us for more information.