SLEs are:

    • Outstanding middle and senior leaders with at least two years of leadership experience. This can be in any role within the workforce e.g. a Teaching Assistant, a School Business Manager.
  • Leaders with a successful track record of working effectively in their own school or across a group of schools
  • Leaders who can give evidence of successfully coaching or facilitating sustainable improvements
  • Whilst SLEs will be outstanding at what they do, they can come from any school regardless of the school’s Ofsted grade.


  • Recruitment Round Opens:  Dates 2020/21 TBC
  • Recruitment Round Closes:  Dates 2020/21 TBC

Trust or Beyond

  • Recruitment Round Opens:  Dates 2020/21 TBC
  • Recruitment Round Closes:  Dates 2020/21 TBC

To Download an application form please click here:

Application form to become an SLE


HT and Applicant complete the Application Form by the deadline

  • Interviews Held Via Zoom or Face to Face
  • Candidates will be informed of the outcome as close to the interview closure as possible.
  • SLE Induction will then commence
  • Deployment can begin once all of these aspects have been actioned.

SLE Paperwork

As an SLE you may have to access some of these documents to demonstrate the impact that you have made. We also have an policy in place in relation to the way in which an SLE operates. The Teaching School supports you in relation to the systems and processes , within your induction.

Please feel free to access the documents below:

  1. LEAD Equate Guide to Deployment

  2. Agreement, Home School Contract

  3. Re numeration to Home Schools Document

  4. Longer Term Improvement Plan

  5. 1-2 Day Deployment Plan

  6. Actions to be taken by the SLE


Aspiring SLE Online Presentation Session/ Webinar

SLEs work to develop the leadership capacity of others, drawing upon their own specific knowledge and particular area of expertise. SLEs are deployed to schools to deliver training, staff meetings, or over longer periods of time provide 1:1 subject leader support or be part of on-going work to address whole-school priorities.

Please click the following link to find more details within the presentation

Aspiring SLE Online Information Session Password- 8A@K2#8p