L.E.A.D. Equate Teaching School Alliance works hard to comprehensively ensure highly quality professional development via a range of key areas or work streams. This is to guarantee that every layer of a school workforce has access to professional development. These areas can be summarised in this diagram:

Activity and Impact in all Areas 2019/20 

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Early Careers/Initial Teacher Training

We lead on the recruitment and hosting of trainee teachers and are involved in both School Direct and SCITT developments.  We work with SCITT providers in both  Nottingham and Lincoln. Please select our ITT pages for further information.

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Early Careers/NQT

L.E.A.D. Equate is a designated Appropriate Body for the formal induction of NQTs. As a registered body, we will undertake all statutory duties, including the NQT’s registration with the TRA. We can offer this for Primary, Secondary and Special Schools and Academies. As an Appropriate Body, we have the main quality
assurance role within the induction process, ensuring schools provide adequate support for their NQTs and that assessment is fair and consistent across institutions.

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CPD and Training

CPD programmes on offer via the Teaching School are heavily based upon research and needs which have been identified and shared. Delivered on site directly within a setting, online remotely or face to face at one of our training centres or schools, we work tirelessly to ensure that the CPD is of the highest quality.  This CPD can be either outsourced to external associates or delivered by our Teaching School team. All CPD is heavily quality assured against the Teaching School Quality Assurance Policy to ensure the highest outcomes and value for money.We work hard to provide training to meet the needs of all sectors within Education.

CPD Overview

School Support

Peer Support can have a significant impact according to numerous sources of research which have been conducted. Therefore we work hard to up skill a workforce of NLE’s, LLE’s and SLE’s so that they can be accurately deployed within Trust and beyond. We ensure that they constantly strive for all provision to be of the highest quality and tailored to the needs of those in receipt of it, including the unique aspects relating to the context of the organisation or setting.

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Active Programmes

We have worked hard to respond to current needs in education. We have therefore worked with schools to conduct action based research, write, develop and then publish approaches which have had a significant impact. So far, Active English, Active Maths and Active Spelling have been developed in this way. To find out more information about these, please follow the link attached.

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Research and Development

We believe that engaging in research is a fundamental part of teaching and learning.  We offer opportunities for staff at all levels to engage in research and improve classroom practice.

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Following a rigorous application process, L.E.A.D. Equate Teaching School Alliance is delighted to be working with the DfE to deliver a package of training and support for the statutory implementation of R.S.H.E. Working in close partnership with the Flying High Trust, we aim to support Schools across the East Midlands region in developing high quality R.S.H.E. provision. Please follow the link to find out more.

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The English Hub

Witham St Hughs is one of 34 English Hubs that were selected for our expertise in teaching reading and to support schools in our surrounding area. Our role is to support schools to develop
the Department for Education’s or DfE’s 3 main aims with a particular focus on the lowest 20%. Please find out more about how we work and the way in which we offer support.


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